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Showcase of Recent Work


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), 2024

  • Presented and published the research at the AIAA SciTech 2024 (

  • Led a team of 8 to design and develop a pre-phase-A mission for Radio Occultation in Venusian atmosphere to characterize sulfur.

  • Designed the structure and thermal system by performing calculations and developing models for all 3 CubeSats performing RO.

CubeSat High Altitude Balloon

University of Michigan, 2024

  • Managed teams of 10 to design, manufacture, integrate, test, and launch 3U CubeSats with PCB on an High Altitude Balloon (HAB) that goes up to 30 km (Stratosphere). 

  • Collaborated with industry suppliers to manufacture the CubeSat in PEEK-CF/ULTEM for next-generation space materials.

  • Led the systems integration and imaging team to image Earth's chlorophyll signatures using 740nm filter & 360° camera.

RoboWarrior Cart Game

University of Michigan, 2024

  • Developed an algorithm to communicate with multiple devices on a single channel.

  • Designed and manufactured the structure of all the carts and consoles.

  • Programmed the joystick on STM32 to communicate with the system and the carts.

StratoSat & MC-10

Michigan eXploration Laboratory, 2024

  • Developed novel architectures for JPL’s F’ flight software framework, as well as, adding UART and I2C functionality.

  • Researched Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) protocols for Interplanetary Overlay Network (ION).

  • Led the Camera System, utilizing RPi and ArduCam for NASA's National Eclipse Ballooning Project (NEBP).

  • Designed, programmed, manufactured and launched 3 balloons for prototyping and testing of the system and failure modes.

  • Contributed to team collaborations, ensuring knowledge transfer and alignment with project goals across interdisciplinary teams.

  • •    Spearheaded design of the experiment to raise TRL for organic photovoltaic solar cell for MXL’s MC-X CubeSat mission.


Dissertation Project, Newcastle University, 2020

  • Designed a 12 axis Robotic Quadruped for general purpose applications such as Monitoring, Inspection, Delivery and Exploration.

  • Performed hand calculations and stress analysis on all the parts of the assembly and achieved a minimum of 1.57 Safety Factor. 

  • Optimised and re-engineered the design to reduce weight and increase payload, speed and strength.

  • Calculated the torque requirements for each axis with desired speed and range of motion and selected appropriate actuators.

  • Programmed the actuators to communicate between electronics using I2C Bus Protocol and UART.

  • Designed the System Architecture for fast cycle-time and reliable performance.

  • Programmed action and motion planning including the PID feedback loops in Python and C on Raspberry Pi 4 and Arduino Mega 2560.

  • Tested and analysed the drivers, actuators and the entire suite of sensors used in the design of the robot.

  • Re-engineered and retested the new design based on the previous trials. 

  • Manufactured and assembled one limb of the robotic quadruped for prototyping and trials.

  • Successfully tested and analysed the robotic limb prototype with all motors and sensors.


MATE International Championship, 2019

  • Responsible for making a robotic arm, deploy systems, gripper and manipulator for fully functional ROV (Remotedly Operated Vehicle).

  • Lead a team of more than 20 people for all the stages of development i.e. from conceptual design to manufacturing and testing.

  • Organised and planned regular meetings and communicated using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner.

  • Communicated and integrated with other sub-teams i.e. Marine, Systems and Electrical Teams for optimised and efficient overall design.

  • Calculated the torque requirements for each axis with desired speed and range of motion and selected appropriate underwater motors and gearboxes.

  • Optimised and re-engineered the design to reduce weight and increase the reliability and strength.

  • Manufactured and Assembled the Robotic Arm and  Deploy System.

  • Successfully Tested and Analysed the gripper, robotic arm and deploy system with all motors and sensors.


Siemens Mobility, 2019

  • Attended multiple workshops to learn about existing technology at Siemens.

  • Analysed the workflow and identified the steps which can be automated to save time at the Solutions Architecture Department.

  • Communicated between engineers to understand the existing technology and mechanisms.

  • Planned my project to achieve key targets and meetings to present and implement my work.

  • Designed software architecture to reduce human interaction and automate the design process of railway architecture.

  • Programmed and delivered the software to cater to the needs of the users in the company.

  • Worked on a confidential Research project which gave me specialized technical skills.

  • Conducted 3 full-day workshops and documented my work for engineers to take over the project from me.


Newcastle University, 2019

  • Designed, manufactured, programmed, and tested a small cart. The cart was equipped with multiple sensors which were used to make the cart autonomous in nature.

  • The cart was manually controlled by a joystick and was able to go autonomous mode at any given time.

  • The cart was equipped with SONAR, IMU, Encoders, Light Sensor and Limit Switch.

  • Using the sensors, the cart was programmed to autonomously navigate a few obstacle tracks.

  • PID Control was used for the cart.

  • The cart had a battery pack to power the electronics and motors.

  • The cart also had adaptive cruise control and many other assistive and safety features programmed in.

  • The cart used a magnetometer (IMU) to know its orientation to correct its path.

  • C++ language was used for programming.


Gestamp, 2019

  • Designed a Hard Point Measuring System with Adjustable Test Rig which can adjust to the inaccuracies measured by the Hard Point Measuring System for Gestamp.

  • Adjustable Test Rig had three attachment points with rigid frame capable of taking about 100 kN.

  • Each attachment point had 4 degrees of freedom adjustments i.e. x-axis/y-axis/z-axis/rotation about one of the axes.

  • The assembly was >1 meter tall with an adjustment accuracy of <1mm.

  • The Hard Point Measuring System was designed to measure inaccuracies down to ± 0.1mm.

  • The assembly was tested in ANSYS for possible deformations and strength and optimised to suit the application.

  • The assembly was designed such that it could be cheaply manufactured. (Flame cut - Fabrication - Machining)

Newcastle University, 2019

  • Designed and manufactured the strongest point-load bridge in the University.

  • Performed hand calculations and stress analysis on the CAD model of the Bridge.

  • Calculated and predicted the failure loads. The bridge had the highest theoretical strength to mass ratio of any bridge ever tested.

  • The bridge was designed to fail before 3 kN failure load; failed at 2.75 kN.

  • Lead the team of 4. 

  • Manufactured using only 0.9 mm thick sheet metal aluminum and riveting.

  • Manufactured the whole bridge within 5 hours of team-work.


Newcastle University, 2019

Successfully designed, manufactured, predicted and tested a crane hook within specification.

Specifications for the hook:

  • Should yield after 30 kN.

  • Should yield before 60 kN.

  • Should fail before 90 kN.

  • Make as light as possible.

Design outcome:

  • Yielded at 47.3 kN force and Failed at 60.1 kN.

  • Mass: 0.597 g

  • Yield to Mass ratio: 79.3 kN/kg.

  • Predictions of the result were made using ANSYS Workbench and hand calculations.

  • All the aspects of the test results were within 10% of the predicted results.


Sir William's Siemens Challenge, 2018

  • In a multidisciplinary team of 7 over the course of 48 hours, we created a 5x5x5 3D LED matrix which had a disc rotating around it. The complete product represented data from sensors around the building.

  • My task was to manufacture the complete product including designing the mechanism and structure which was done in Autodesk Inventor.


Formula Student, Newcastle University, 2019

  • Designed and engineered a manufacturable Pushrod Suspension Assembly for high torque Formula Student Car.

  • Suspension Assembly Design Parts included the Hub, Upright, Pushrod, Rocker, Bearings, Brake Disk, Bearing Retainer Rings, Wishbone Rods, Mounts and Spring Suspension.

  • Calculated and optimised all wishbone member forces.

  • Redesigned the suspension and created a manufacturing plan for 5 per year suspensions to 1 million per year suspensions.

  • Created the entire 3D CAD of the suspension in 4 days in Autodesk Inventor Professional.

  • Performed Von-Mises Stress Analysis on critical components.


Kuka Robotics, 2018

  • Designed a pneumatic gripper for holding beer bottles and glasses.

  • Equipped the gripper with soft closing, glass tilting support and push release features.

  • Designed a very aesthetically pleasing enclosure.

  • Manufactured the enclosure with CNC machining.


IIT Bombay, 2018

  • Designed a pen which recognizes the text written by using the data from movements while writing.

  • Worked in a team of 4 with software engineers.

  • Engineered the mechanism to have manual as well as automated control over the sensors.

  • Optimised the design to withstand necessary forces and enclose required sensors.

  • Manufactured and assembled the pen using 3D Printing at IIT Bombay Labs.

  • Tested and analysed the pen's data for further improvement.


Newcastle University, 2017

  • Created a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine in a team of 4.

  • Designed and Manufactured the Turbine in a span of 4 months.

  • Updated the design according to requirements often to achieve the most efficient product in the given time and budget.

  • Became the first successful team to manufacture and test the turbine in the entire batch.


IMechE Design Challenge, 2017

  • Made a Pipe Climber which can climb a pipe externally with a payload of 1kg.

  • Battery life of 5 hours.

  • The climber was made using only £25.

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