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Railway Assets Optimisation & Automation Software

Siemens Mobility, 2019

Attended multiple workshops to learn about existing technology at Siemens.

Analysed the workflow and identified the steps which can be automated to save time at the Solutions Architecture Department.

Communicated between engineers to understand the existing technology and mechanisms.

Planned my project to achieve key targets and meetings to present and implement my work.

Designed software architecture to reduce human interaction and automate the design process of railway architecture.

Programmed and delivered the software to cater to the needs of the users in the company.

Worked on a confidential Research project which gave me specialized technical skills.

Conducted 3 full-day workshops and documented my work for engineers to take over the project from me.

Introducing Railway Assets Optimisation & Automation Software, designed to streamline and automate the process of railway architecture. I have created software architecture that reduces human interaction and delivers a program tailored to the specific needs of our users, to improve efficiency and accuracy in their work.

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