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Autonomous Electric Cart

Newcastle University, 2019

Designed, manufactured, programmed, and tested a small cart. The cart was equipped with multiple sensors which were used to make the cart autonomous in nature.

The cart was manually controlled by a joystick and was able to go autonomous mode at any given time.

The cart was equipped with SONAR, IMU, Encoders, Light Sensor and Limit Switch.

Using the sensors, the cart was programmed to autonomously navigate a few obstacle tracks.

PID Control was used for the cart.

The cart had a battery pack to power the electronics and motors.

The cart also had adaptive cruise control and many other assistive and safety features programmed in.

The cart used a magnetometer (IMU) to know its orientation to correct its path.

C++ language was used for programming.

Introducing our project, the Autonomous Electric Cart, a groundbreaking endeavor where we designed, manufactured, and programmed a cart capable of navigating mazes, maneuvering through landscapes, and reaching its destination without any human intervention. This innovative project showcases our expertise in autonomous technology and our commitment to creating efficient, sustainable solutions for a variety of industries.

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