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Robotic Quadruped

Dissertation Project, Newcastle University, 2020

Designed a 12 axis Robotic Quadruped for general purpose applications such as Monitoring, Inspection, Delivery and Exploration.

Performed hand calculations and stress analysis on all the parts of the assembly and achieved a minimum of 1.57 Safety Factor.

Optimised and re-engineered the design to reduce weight and increase payload, speed and strength.

Calculated the torque requirements for each axis with desired speed and range of motion and selected appropriate actuators.

Programmed the actuators to communicate between electronics using I2C Bus Protocol and UART.

Designed the System Architecture for fast cycle-time and reliable performance.

Programmed action and motion planning including the PID feedback loops in Python and C on Raspberry Pi 4 and Arduino Mega 2560.

Tested and analysed the drivers, actuators and the entire suite of sensors used in the design of the robot.

Re-engineered and retested the new design based on the previous trials.

Manufactured and assembled one limb of the robotic quadruped for prototyping and trials.

Successfully tested and analysed the robotic limb prototype with all motors and sensors.

Simulation Video

Introducing the Robotic Quadruped, a project that involved the design of a 12 axis Robot Dog for various general purpose applications including monitoring, inspection, delivery, and exploration. The project also included the manufacturing of one leg for prototyping and testing, as well as the creation of a Bill of Materials and budget for mass production.

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