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Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle

MATE International Championship, 2020

Responsible for making a robotic arm, deploy systems, gripper and manipulator for fully functional ROV (Remotedly Operated Vehicle).

Lead a team of more than 20 people for all the stages of development i.e. from conceptual design to manufacturing and testing.

Organised and planned regular meetings and communicated using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner.

Communicated and integrated with other sub-teams i.e. Marine, Systems and Electrical Teams for optimised and efficient overall design.

Calculated the torque requirements for each axis with desired speed and range of motion and selected appropriate underwater motors and gearboxes.

Optimised and re-engineered the design to reduce weight and increase the reliability and strength.

Manufactured and Assembled the Robotic Arm and Deploy System.

Successfully Tested and Analysed the gripper, robotic arm and deploy system with all motors and sensors.

Our project, the Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle, involved the design, manufacturing, and testing of a remotely controlled and, in some cases, autonomous underwater drone. This ROV features a robotic arm, a mini ROV for inspecting pipes, and a net for collecting surface floating objects, as well as multiple cameras for maneuvering and inspection.

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