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CubeSat High Altitude Balloon

University of Michigan, 2024

Managed teams of 10 to design, manufacture, integrate, test, and launch 3U CubeSats with PCB on an High Altitude Balloon (HAB) that goes up to 30 km (Stratosphere).

Collaborated with industry suppliers to manufacture the CubeSat in PEEK-CF/ULTEM for next-generation space materials.

Led the systems integration and imaging team to image Earth's chlorophyll signatures using 740nm filter & 360° camera.

Welcome to the CubeSat High Altitude Balloon project! Here, we create prototype cubesats and launch them on high altitude balloons reaching up to 30 kilometers in altitude. These cubesats are equipped with sensors and experiments to test our system and payload, collecting various types of data, as well as images and videos in different wavelengths. We invite you to explore the innovative technology and scientific research behind this exciting project.

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