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StratoSat & MC-10

Michigan eXploration Laboratory, 2024

Developed novel architectures for JPL’s F’ flight software framework, as well as, adding UART and I2C functionality.

Researched Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) protocols for Interplanetary Overlay Network (ION).

Led the Camera System, utilizing RPi and ArduCam for NASA's National Eclipse Ballooning Project (NEBP).

Designed, programmed, manufactured and launched 3 balloons for prototyping and testing of the system and failure modes.

Contributed to team collaborations, ensuring knowledge transfer and alignment with project goals across interdisciplinary teams.

Spearheaded design of the experiment to raise TRL for organic photovoltaic solar cell for MXL’s MC-X CubeSat mission.

Introducing StratoSat & MC-10, a project that showcases our work in building prototype CubeSats that are flown on High Altitude Balloons and space qualified CubeSats for Low Earth Orbit. Our team has worked on designing the CubeSat to raise TRL for organic photovoltaic solar cell and QuadMag (novel noise cancelling magnetometer) for MXL’s MC-X CubeSat mission.

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