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Point Load Bridge | Sheet Metal

Newcastle University, 2019

Designed and manufactured the strongest point-load bridge in the University.

Performed hand calculations and stress analysis on the CAD model of the Bridge.

Calculated and predicted the failure loads. The bridge had the highest theoretical strength to mass ratio of any bridge ever tested.

The bridge was designed to fail before 3 kN failure load; failed at 2.75 kN.

Lead the team of 4.

Manufactured using only 0.9 mm thick sheet metal aluminum and riveting.

Manufactured the whole bridge within 5 hours of team-work.

Introducing Point Load Bridge! We have designed and manufactured the strongest sheet metal point-load bridge, utilizing FEA to predict failure load. Our bridge was then put to the test, undergoing rigorous testing up to failure and comparing the results to ensure top quality and reliability.

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