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Formula Student Car Suspension

Formula Student, Newcastle University, 2019

Designed and engineered a manufacturable Pushrod Suspension Assembly for high torque Formula Student Car.

Suspension Assembly Design Parts included the Hub, Upright, Pushrod, Rocker, Bearings, Brake Disk, Bearing Retainer Rings, Wishbone Rods, Mounts and Spring Suspension.

Calculated and optimised all wishbone member forces.

Redesigned the suspension and created a manufacturing plan for 5 per year suspensions to 1 million per year suspensions.

Created the entire 3D CAD of the suspension in 4 days in Autodesk Inventor Professional.

Performed Von-Mises Stress Analysis on critical components.

Introducing Formula Student Car Suspension. I have designed and engineered a manufacturable pushrod suspension assembly specifically for high torque Formula Student cars. With precision and innovation, the suspension system is designed to enhance the performance and handling of these high-performance vehicles.

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