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Crane Hook | Sheet Metal

Newcastle University, 2019

Successfully designed, manufactured, predicted and tested a crane hook within specification.

Specifications for the hook:
Should yield after 30 kN.
Should yield before 60 kN.
Should fail before 90 kN.
Make as light as possible.

Design outcome:
Yielded at 47.3 kN force and Failed at 60.1 kN.
Mass: 0.597 g
Yield to Mass ratio: 79.3 kN/kg.

Predictions of the result were made using ANSYS Workbench and hand calculations.

All the aspects of the test results were within 10% of the predicted results.

Introducing Crane Hook, designed to optimize the strength to weight ratio of crane hooks. Through predictive modeling, the failure location and load were determined, and the hook was then manufactured in sheet metal and tested to failure to compare the results. This project showcases innovative solutions for creating durable and efficient crane hooks.

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